IBM bringing Apple’s Swift to the cloud to make enterprise app development easier


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Apple’s development language, Swift, has seen plenty of adoption since its release, and now IBM is hoping to make it even easier for developers to create apps for a specific market.

IBM has announced its plans to bring Swift to the cloud, all in an effort to make developing enterprise apps even easier. It will be available as a server-side language in the near future, through IBM Cloud, with a preview that includes Swift Package Catalog and Swift runtime, which is available today.

“Modern digital apps require a modern programming language. Swift is easy-to-learn, reliable, fast and interactive, the key traits that CIOs look for when building the next generation of enterprise mobile apps,” said Michael Gilfix, Vice President, IBM MobileFirst Offering Management. “Swift on the Cloud is an opportunity for enterprises to radically simplify the development of end-to-end applications and therefore reach new levels of productivity.”

Here’s what developers can expect to do with Swift in the cloud:

  • Experiment in the Swift Sandbox: Quickly experiment with open sourced Swift, ramp up your skill set and learn what Swift can do for your enterprise by checking out new enhancements to the Swift Sandbox.
  • Develop and Deploy: Start building end-to-end applications on Bluemix and quickly deploy them with Kitura, a new open source web server released by IBM, on both OSX and Linux.
  • Share Swift Resources: Leverage code across projects by creating packages and submitting them to the Swift Package Catalog on Bluemix to encourage sharing of new Swift resources with the global developer community.

If you’re a developer focused on enterprise apps, and using Swift, this might be worth checking out.

[via IBM]

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