iOS 9.3 will let third-party apps add music to your iCloud Music Library


iOS 9.3 Media Library

iOS 9.3 is currently in its beta stages, but that should be ending soonish. When it does, one new feature might be a welcomed one for music fans.

As discovered by AppleInsider, iOS 9.3 will notice a new setting under the Privacy section within Settings called “Media Library.” With this feature, which needs permission from the user, developers can add songs to a user’s iCloud Music Library. Since this is made possible through an API in iOS 9.3, there aren’t any apps that can take advantage of the change right now.

However, the future is one where apps like SoundCloud, as articulated in the original report, could see users export an MP3 file to their iCloud Music Library.

For those that haven’t tried it yet, iCloud Music Library allows users, by way of iTunes Match and Apple Music subscribers, to upload music from their collection for storage in the cloud, and access on other devices.

Here’s what Apple has brought to iOS 9.3 so far:

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