Leaked iPhone 5se schematics hint at a mini iPhone 6s


Leaked iPhone 5se leaked schematics

Leaked schematics that purportedly provide us with an early glimpse at Apple’s upcoming “iPhone 5se” suggest the device will look like a mini iPhone 6 or iPhone 6s. The device appears to have a rounded metal unibody design separated only by its antenna bands, and 2.5D curved glass.

The schematics, which reportedly come from an unnamed source in Apple’s supply chain via Steve Hemmerstoffer, appear to go against drawings recently published by 9to5Mac — which suggest the iPhone 5se will look just like the iPhone 5s, but with more rounded edges.

In these schematics, the device appears to be even more rounded, like an iPhone 6, while maintaining its power button placement on the top edge of the device. We have already seen a 4-inch iPhone that looks just like the iPhone 6, which backs up this image — but its power button was on its side.

You’ll notice there are two slightly different designs in this image; the one on the left is said to be an older prototype, while the one on the right is said to be the most recent one. Strangely, the older unit has a round dual-tone flash like Apple’s latest devices, while the other has an older pill-shaped design.

They both feature 4-inch screens in shells that measure 7.6mm thick, but the newer model is ever so slightly larger at 123.9mm tall and 58.7mm wide (versus 123.7mm tall and 58.5mm wide). The newer model also has fewer speaker holes on the right side of its Lightning port.

Although these schematics almost look like the apparent leaked iPhone 5se we’ve already seen, there are some inconsistencies. When you factor in the drawings published on Wednesday as well, there’s a lot that doesn’t line up here.

It looks like Apple almost certainly toyed with a number of different designs during the development process, then, and we’ll probably have to wait until it makes the iPhone 5se official to find out what the final model will look like. That’s expected to happen at an event next month.

Personally, I think it would make more sense if the new handset resembles the iPhone 6s, rather than the iPhone 5s, which is now seen as an older model by most iPhone fans. Having said that, I was a big fan of the iPhone 5s design, which I still think is one of Apple’s best.

Which look would you prefer?

[via AppleInsider]

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