Poll: What features do you want to see in the next generation Apple Watch 2?

Apple is rumored to be preparing an update to the company’s almost one-year-old Apple Watch wearable. The new hardware may be revealed as early as next month during a press event, which may also showcase the rumored small-screened iPhone 6C. In our latest poll, we want you to voice your opinion and let us know which feature you want to see in the next generation Apple Watch.

Apple last refreshed the Watch last fall when it released a new version of Watch OS and introduced new band and color options. The changes planned for this spring likely will be more drastic with new features such as a FaceTime camera, standalone Wi-Fi functionality, sleep tracking and possibly advanced sensor support that’ll monitor vitals beyond heart rate. Apple may also introduce support for smart straps that make it easy for third-party accessory makers to develop bands with sensors, batteries and other technology that communicate directly with the Apple Watch.

Apple is being tight-lipped about its plans for the Apple Watch 2, but we are hoping to see a combination of the above features in the next generation Watch hardware. We want to know which rumored feature for the Apple Watch 2 you want the most. Which new feature would convince you to shell out $350 or more for the new hardware? Please vote in the poll below and then hop into the comments to share which feature you selected and why.

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