Survey finds more support for Justice Department than Apple over iPhone unlocking dispute

Tim Cook concerned

Despite overwhelming support from fans and many of its peers in the technology industry, it looks like Apple’s battle against the FBI isn’t supported by everyone. In fact, in a recent survey, Pew Research Center found that more than half of respondents are on the Justice Department’s side.

Of the 1,002 adults who took part in the survey, 51 percent say that Apple should comply with the FBI and unlock the iPhone used by one of the shooters in the San Bernardino terrorist attack. Only 38 percent said Apple shouldn’t unlock the device, while the other 11 percent weren’t sure.

What’s interesting is that even when you break down the responses by political party, the Justice Department still gets more support in each scenario. For instance, 56 percent of Republicans said Apple should unlock the device, while 55 percent of Democrats said the same.

What about when focusing solely on respondents who own an iPhone? Surprisingly, Apple still doesn’t get the vote, with 47 percent saying the company should help the FBI, and only 43 percent saying it should continue to fight the court order.

Bill Gates is the only big name in tech who has voiced his support for the FBI, while other Silicon Valley companies like Facebook, Google, and Twitter have supported Apple. In fact, very few people online seem to be taking the FBI’s side publicly.

You’ll find more information on this survey, and how the data was collected its data, on the Pew Research Center’s website.

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