The MacBook Selfie Stick exists

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MacBook Selfie Stick

You know about the “selfie stick,” and you’ve probably been lucky enough to see one out in the real world by now, or at least have seen pictures that have been taken using the thing.

But why isn’t the MacBook getting any love, right? You’ve probably asked yourself that tons of times by now, and finally some folks have given you exactly what you need. It’s a project put together by Moises, John Yuyi, and Tom Galle, and they’ve put together a website, too, to show off just what it looks like to rock the MacBook Selfie Stick out in the wild, like in Times Square in New York City.

MacBook Selfie Stick2

This isn’t a real thing. At least, not something that you’ll likely see in grocery store checkout lanes waiting to be bought. It’s just a silly thing these folks put together, probably to show off how ridiculous they think actual selfie sticks are.

MacBook Selfie Stick3

You can check out even more photos through the source link below.

[via Gizmodo; The Guardian; MacBook Selfie Stick]

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