The ‘Remote S’ Apple Watch app can summon Tesla’s Model S

Model S Summon Apple Watch

Tesla’s Model S is an advanced car, and its designers have high aspirations for the vehicle, especially how it connects to other aspects of technology.

For Model S owners that also happen to own an Apple Watch, there’s something really cool coming from developer Allen Wong and his “Remote S” app, which includes an Apple Watch app. Wong has been highlighted in the past with the Remote S app, giving Model S owners the ability to start their vehicle just by tapping a button on the wearable on their wrist.

Wong’s updating the Remote S app to do something even more exciting: being summoned. Tesla actually released an “Autopilot” update, version 7.1, for its vehicles which brings a new feature, called Summon, that allows people to call their Model S to them — basically like Batman’s Batmobile. Tesla’s CEO, Elon Musk wants the feature to work across large spans of space, though, like the entire country, and even make sure that the Tesla S charges up at Superchargers along the way to you.

It’s a lofty dream, to be sure, so for now perhaps focusing on the smaller, more attainable is better.

Enter Allen Wong and the aforementioned app, which will now let you summon the Model S right from the Apple Watch. This is something that’s not possible fro the official app from Tesla, and Wong has actually worked around another limitation as well: Model S owners can summon their vehicle if they’re further than 39 feet away from it, the current limitation on the official app. You’ll still need to make sure the keyfob is within range of the Model S, but it’s awesome to see Wong work around this.

You can check it out in action below.

[via 9to5Mac]