Tidal tops the U.S. App Store after exclusively launching Kanye West’s new album, ‘The Life of Pablo’

Kanye West Tidal

The music landscape is much different these days, with digital exclusives locked to certain streaming services, but that’s apparently not slowing down folks wanting to pay for it.

In the United States, Tidal, one of many music streaming services out there, recently overtook the App Store thanks to being the only place where people could listen to Kanye West’s newest album, “The Life of Pablo.” The album had been getting plenty of attention before its launch, as is usual, and it was originally supposed to be available through Tidal for streaming, and through West’s official website to buy, but plans changed in the last minute.

West made those changes public in a tweet that, if nothing else, is very passionate:


As a result of those plans, West made the album only available through Tidal’s streaming service. That’s not that big of a surprise, though, considering West is reportedly owns a smalls take in the streaming service, by way of the service’s owner, Jay-Z. West isn’t the only artist to release songs through Tidal only, with artists like Beyoncé (Jay-Z’s wife), and Rihanna having done so in the past.

Tidal offers a free trial, so while the app has jumped to the top of the App Store for downloads, it’s not guaranteed that all of those new listeners are going to convert that to a subscription. As it stands, Tidal is listed as the 30th Top Grossing app right now.

For the curious ones that didn’t want to install Tidal, “The Life of Pablo” will be available to buy in about a week.

[via TechCrunch; @kanyewest]