Tim Cook and Jony Ive talk Apple, design, and fashion with Vogue


Tim Cook in Vogue

Apple has a love affair with design (for better or worse), and in a new interview with Vogue, a pair of executives talk about it in depth.

Tim Cook and Jony Ive sat down with the publication to talk about a variety of different topics, most of it focusing on some aspect of design, as well as the now-in-development Campus 2. For Ive, the conversation was primarily focused on the Apple Watch, and Apple’s connection with the world of fashion as a whole. At this point, Ive believes that technology has progressed to the point where Apple can now reach its goals — where technology is personal.

“Both the hand and the machine can produce things with exquisite care or with no care at all,” says Ive. “But it’s important to remember that what was seen at one time as the most sophisticated technology eventually becomes tradition. There was a time when even the metal needle would have been seen as shocking and profoundly new.”

According to Cook, there’s a huge pile of dirt that has accumulated over the course of the campus’s development, and it won’t actually be removed. According to Cook, that dirt will be used to landscape the site, which will house 7,000 trees.

“Hard to know which is more beautiful, the building or that pile of dirt.”

Apple is planning for a total 80% green space, where there will also be a central garden that boasts an outdoor area for employees to eat. Those trees will include 300 different varieties, including a fruit tree orchard that’s meant to harken back to Steve Jobs’s childhood.

The full interview is worth a look, and can be viewed in the source link below.

[via Vogue]

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