Vevo launches its catalog of music videos on Apple TV

Vevo Apple TV app

The fourth-generation Apple TV’s tvOS makes it possible to have a variety of apps, and for those who just want to get their music video watching on, Vevo is here to help out.

The popular Vevo service, which hosts a ridiculous amount of music videos from a variety of artists across genres, has announced that it has launched its official Apple TV app. The app will host the music videos many viewers have watched on other platforms and devices, and will even handle playback, too, so you just need to hit play and let the music just keep going.

There is one potential sticking point, though: You’ll need an official Vevo account to gain access to what it has in store for the user. That means you’ll have to travel to Vevo’s official site, sign up, and then, once you’ve launched the Apple TV app, insert an authorization code.

Vevo is free on the tvOS App Store, though.

[image via Engadget]

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