9.7-Inch iPad Pro Hands-on Roundup: A Very Powerful iPad


iPad Pro 9.7

With the introduction of the iPad Pro, Apple set the bar pretty high for itself dealing with large-screened tablets.

Now the company has set the same bar just as high, but with a tablet featuring a 9.7-inch display. That’s what Apple announced today at its “Let Us Loop You In” event, where it unveiled the new iPad Pro, bringing all of the features that made the larger variant stand out, but cramming them into a smaller frame.

The hands-on impressions of the new tablet articulate what many are already assuming: An exceedingly powerful tablet:

The Verge

New iPad Pro handson The Verge

    “After using the new iPad Pro for a few short minutes, I can say with certainty that it isn’t as overwhelmingly large as the original iPad Pro; it’s basically as thin and light as an iPad Air 2, but with the aforementioned accessories. Seriously, look below and see if you can tell the iPad Pro apart from the iPad Air 2 next to it. The other, well, notable thing is that crazy antenna line on the back. Presumably that will be a big help with Wi-Fi performance, but it’s also a kind of a weird step backward for an iPad’s overall aesthetic.”


New iPad Pro hanson AAT

    “Other than these points of differentiation, the iPad Pro 9.7” pretty much feels like any other iPad. However, there are a few notable changes to the design, including a camera hump to handle the 12MP camera and replacing the large plastic RF window on the LTE variants with an external aluminum antenna and insulating plastic to separate it from the rest of the chassis. It’s appreciably lighter than the iPad Pro 13”, but feels pretty much identical to the iPad Air 2 in terms of size and weight.”


New iPad Pro handson AI

    “In addition to elements introduced with last year’s iPad Pro, the new 9.7-inch model comes with a slew of features not seen on any other Apple device. When SVP of Worldwide Marketing Phil Schiller presented the device onstage, he touted the innovative True Tone screen system, which samples light from a user’s surrounding environment and automatically adjusts screen brightness and color to mimic a “paper-white” viewing experience. The screen itself sports a wider color gamut that reproduces vivid blues and greens without over saturation.”


New iPad Pro handson SG

    “It’s almost astonishing that Apple managed to squeeze everything from the 12-inch model into this new version. The result is a slate which feels a lot more manageable – and far less like you’re trying to wield a placemat.”

Do you plan on picking up the new iPad Pro?

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