Apple building its own cloud storage infrastructure to reduce reliance on Google and Amazon’s cloud storage services

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To reduce its reliance on Google Cloud Platform, Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, Apple is reportedly building its own cloud network infrastructure. The project is being called “McQueen” internally, and Apple has already assigned a team of engineers to build an in-house cloud storage system for the company.

While it is unclear when Apple plans to launch its own cloud storage platform, the report says that Apple is hoping to break its reliance on all the three major cloud storage system providers over the next few years.

A source also tells Re/code that looking at the amount Apple is currently playing to cloud storage system providers, it could easily break even with its own data centers in around three years. With its own data centres, the company will not have to worry about negotiating deals with service providers or face any other issues.

A report from yesterday claimed that Apple has switched over from Amazon’s Web Services for iCloud to Google Web Services. Considering that all other major tech companies have their own cloud storage system, it does make sense for Apple to create one of its own as well. Maybe this will allow the company to make iCloud more reliable and offer better storage plans than its rivals like Google and Microsoft.

[Via Re/code]

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