Apple said to be switching to Google’s cloud platform from Amazon for some of its iCloud needs


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Right now, Apple utilizes Amazon Web Services for some of its iCloud-specific needs, but that could be changing soon.

According to a report from The Information‘s Amir Efrati, which he tweeted out earlier today, Apple will be utilizing the next several months to transfer some of its cloud-based needs away from Amazon Web Services, and instead opt to use Google’s Cloud Platform instead. According to Efrati, the transfer could take up to a year, and will probably not make Google any money — just like it didn’t make any money for Amazon.

Following up on that report, AppleInsider found that Apple has made some changes to the backend as far as OS X’s Messages app and attachments are concerned, noting that Mac’s IMTransferAgent routing “certain outbound data requests” through Google servers located in Asia. And, indeed, earlier this year a report surfaced that pointed to Apple moving away from Amazon in favor of its own data centers, so this could be at least related to those earlier reports.

[via AppleInsider; @amir]

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