Apple Patent Showcases Modular Smart Bands for the Apple Watch

Apple Watch modular band2

The Apple Watch is a handy personal device, offering up plenty of features in a small frame, but it looks like Apple wants to make the bands even better, too.

In a series of patent applications submitted by Apple, as surfaced by AppleInsider, the company is at least working on modular smart bands for the Apple Watch. They would connect through the diagnostics port that’s located on the bottom-side of the Apple Watch casing, and has been hinted at in the past for making smart bands a possibility for months now.

One of the patent apps entitled, “modular functional band links for wearable devices,” outlines a variety of different use cases for the smart bands. That includes new bands that could boost the Watch’s battery life, or blood pressure sensors. Apple even hints at processors being a possibility.

Apple Watch modular band

This is a big boon for first-generation Apple Watch owners, as it means that Apple can actually keep improving on that initial design through these smart bands, adding new features even, all the while releasing new generations of the Apple Watch at the same time. So for those that don’t want to buy a whole new Watch, these smart bands could extend the life of that first model.

What do you think of the idea?

[via AppleInsider]