Apple’s latest iPhone 6s ad titled ‘Timer’ features the Cookie Monster


iPhone 6s Plus camera

Apple today released a new ad for the iPhone 6s featuring the Cookie Monster. Yes, the Cookie Monster. The ad titled ‘Timer’ shows the Cookie Monster using the hands-free ‘Hey Siri’ functionality on his iPhone 6s to set a timer and then play “Time in a bottle” song from Jim Croce while waiting for his cookies to bake.

The Cookie Monster then proceeds to pass the time by pacing around the kitchen, at which he is clearly struggling. Later on, the Cookie Monster once again uses Siri to check the remaining time.

The A9 processor on the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus enable the handsets to listen for the “Hey Siri” voice command all the time, even when they are not charging and when the device is sleeping. On older iOS devices though, this feature only works when your iPhone is plugged in and charging.

This is not the first time that Apple is highlighting the ‘Hey Siri’ functionality on the new iPhones. It has previously released an ad starring Bill Hader that also extensively showed the ‘Hey Siri’ feature in action.

Apple’s previous iPhone 6s ads have featured various Hollywood celebrities, so for a change, it is nice to see the company feature a celebrity like the Cookie Monster. But, as an iPhone 6s user, I will have to add that it is quite tough to believe that Siri was consistently able to recognise the voice of the Cookie Monster without any issues.

What do you think about Apple’s latest ad for the iPhone 6s?

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