Google Photos ‘Smarter Albums’ Can Automatically Create Your Vacation Albums


Google Photos

Google Photos is easily the best photo backing service out there, and today, the company is making it even better by introducing smarter albums. The feature will automatically suggest a new album for you comprising of the best photos have taken during your recent trip or vacation.

Additionally, you will also be able to customise an album by adding caption to photos, using location pins to remember exactly where you had that dinner, and more. You can always enable collaboration on the albums to allow your friends or families to add their own photos.

Some of the new features like location pins and captions will also be available for your existing albums.

There is no denying the fact that going through your vacation photos, sorting the best ones and then uploading them to an album is a tedious task. I still have thousands of photos from vacations that I have taken nearly three years ago on my hard disk that I need to go through. Google’s new smarter albums aims to solve exactly this problem, which I believe many other people like me have been facing.

Apple also offers its own photo backup and sharing service, but compared to Google Photos, iCloud Photo backup service hardly offers any compelling features that’d tempt me to make the jump.

Do you use Google Photos? Or irrespective of how bad it is, you will upload your photos to iCloud?

[Via Google blog]

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