Instagram Adding Multi-Clip Video for iOS Users; 60-Second Videos Rolling Out for Everyone



Not too long ago, Instagram rolled out even longer video advertisements for companies, which meant more money for the social network.

Apparently it was a good idea to expand, because the Facebook-owned network has just announced 60-second video support for everyone. Instagram says this is “one step” of many that will rollout this year, but what that actually entails remains to be seen. For now, the support for 60-second videos means users can upload even longer clips, up from the 15-second limit that was previously set in place.

On top of that, iOS users get an added bonus. Instagram is bringing support for “multi-clip” videos, which means you’ll once again be able to make a video, up to 60 seconds long, of multiple clips from your photo library.

60-second video support is rolling out beginning today, and will eventually become available for everyone using Instagram over the coming months. Multi-clip video, on the other hand, is available right now for iOS users that have updated to version 7.19, which was released yesterday.

[via Instagram]

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