First batch of ‘iPhone SE’ cases start appearing, offer conflicting designs


iPhone SE case designs

The “iPhone SE,” or how it was previously known, the “iPhone 5se,” has plenty of rumors swirling around it, especially many of which are focused on the design of the oft-rumored, but still unofficial device.

Yesterday, one additional render surfaced that showed a design that looks similar to the iPhone 6s, but smaller. And earlier reports/rumors/renders have suggested the device could look more similar to an iPhone 5s. The one major sticking point of these designs is the placement of the Power button. If Apple goes with an iPhone 6s-similar design, the Power button is rumored to be placed on the side. If they go with the iPhone 5s-inspired design, the Power button could be on the top.

Unfortunately, it doesn’t look like case manufacturers are going to help matters before Apple launches the handset.

iPhone SE case designs2

The first batch of iPhone SE cases are starting to creep out, and it doesn’t look like even they have a consensus on what the iPhone SE will look like, come launch day. Distributors that are offering the sale of bulk packages of these cases are offering both designs: One with a Power button on the top (as pictured at the top of this article), and another with the Power button on the side (pictured just above).

While case designs like this have a history of being accurate, especially so close to a rumored phone’s launch, this is one time where it doesn’t appear that even case manufacturers have a bead on what’s going to happen with the iPhone SE’s design. Of course, since the Rumor Mill can’t decide on one design, perhaps that’s not too surprising.

Which design do you hope Apple goes with?

[via MacRumors]

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