iPhone SE to Launch in India in Early April; Prices Start from Rs. 39,000

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It was widely believed that Apple’s new 4-inch iPhone, the iPhone SE, was aimed at emerging markets like China and India, where there is plenty of demand for a ‘budget’ iPhone. When Apple revealed that the iPhone SE will only cost $399, it got the hopes up for many potential buyers in India and their dreams of finally owning their first iPhone.

In India, after the event ended, Apple was quick to send out a press release confirming that the iPhone SE will be launching in the country in early April, and it will be available from Rs. 30,000 ($465). That sounded like a great deal for a phone that is essentially a smaller version of the iPhone 6s, with only some minor compromises. For the first time, Apple had priced its product competitively right from the get go in India.

The rejoice of many potential iPhone SE buyers in India was short lived though, as Apple sent out a corrected press release after a few hours with the correct pricing of the handset: Rs. 39,000 for the 16GB variant, which roughly translates into $600 — a $200 premium over the U.S. price of the phone.

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Sure, there are a lot of taxes, duties and other fees that Apple has to incur while importing and selling its phones in India, but a $200 increase in price is not justified in any way. The iPhone 6 is available from time to time at that price on various e-commerce websites, so there really is no excuse or reason for Apple to sell the iPhone SE at such a high price point.

If anything, Apple should have learnt a lesson from the launch of the iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus in India. The high price of the handsets led to below expectations sale of the handsets in the country, which then led Apple to drastically reduce their prices within a couple of months of its release. If anything, it is likely that the iPhone SE’s price in India will meet with a similar fate.

[Via Economic Times]

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