John Oliver hilariously explains encryption and Apple’s battle with the FBI

John Oliver encryption

Still struggling to wrap your head around Apple’s battle with the FBI? If you want to avoid the lengthy statements made by law enforcement agencies and the Department of Justice, then John Oliver’s lighthearted and humorous take on it could be right up your street.

On Last Week Tonight, the comedian spent 15 minutes explaining the complicated issues surrounding this case and what it might mean for the future of technology and encryption. Thanks to his hilarious take, it’s easier to understand and less laborious to catch up on.

Oliver also talks about how the U.S. government has tried to tackle its encryption concerns before with the “Clipper chip,” which was dropped shortly after it was announced after a hacker demonstrated they could disable it.

Oliver mostly sides with Apple during the rant, highlighting the risks involved should the Cupertino company give in and provide the FBI with an iPhone backdoor, and what kind of precedent that would set for future cases.

He ends the segment with a terrific parody ad based on Apple’s familiar iPhone 6s commercials. “Here’s something you should know,” the voice-over says. “We’re barely one step ahead of hackers at all times.”

“So please, keep enjoying our products. Just know this shaky edifice can crumble at any moment.

Here is the full clip:

And here’s another version of it that you should be able to watch in all territories outside of the U.S. Just note that it doesn’t include the parody ad at the end, unfortunately, but we’ll update if we find another copy with that included.

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