LastLogin: Find out the number of incorrect passcode entries on your iPhone since the last unlock [Jailbreak Tweak]



Do you want to keep track of how many times someone failed to enter the correct passcode on your iPhone since you last unlocked it? If yes, you should check out a new jailbreak tweak known as LastLogin that does what you want.

The tweak is a good way of finding out whether anyone has been attempting to break into your phone. When entering the passcode on the Lock screen, it keeps count of how many times the wrong passcode has been entered and displays this at the top of the screen.

As more incorrect passcodes are entered, the count will also increase accordingly. In this way, when you go to the passcode screen, you can see how hard someone was trying to enter into your iPhone while you were away.

The count text will disappear from the Lock screen after you’ve successfully entered the correct passcode and unlocked your iPhone. Keep in mind that the text will not hide until the correct passcode has been entered so there’s no way that an intruder can hide it unless they are smart enough to do a hard reboot.

Once installed, LastLogin doesn’t require any additional configuration. It will be enabled right away and start to track the number of incorrect unlock attempts on your iPhone.

If you’ve always been suspicious that someone tries to access your iPhone while you’re away, you should considering trying LastLogin. The tweak can be found on the following repo: It is available for free and works on all iOS 9 devices.

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