Microsoft points out Macs don’t have a touchscreen or stylus support in new Surface Book ad

Microsoft Surface Book

At this point, it isn’t a secret that the Mac lineup from Apple doesn’t have a touchscreen, or stylus support.

But that isn’t stopping Microsoft from offering up reminders, of course. In its newest ad, photographer Tim Flachinsists raves about the Surface Book from Microsoft, the tablet hybrid device the company announced near the end of last year. The Surface Book has plenty of different configurations, with different amounts of RAM, storage, and even built-in graphics cards for some models, but all of them come with support for the Surface Pen stylus, and a touchscreen.

It’s a pretty straightforward ad, which makes sense since it’s only 30 seconds long, but one can imagine it gets the point across for folks that might be considering a Surface Book as their next tablet/laptop. Of course, the ad is correct in its statement: You can’t use a touchscreen or stylus support on a Mac. Apple would probably remind people in the market for a tablet with stylus support that the iPad Pro exists, and it comes with one of the best stylus options on the market with the Apple Pencil.

In any event, the ad from Microsoft is available below.

What do you think of the ad? This isn’t Microsoft’s only effort recently to try and show off the differences between the company’s and Apple’s products, with Windows 10 and Cortana the stars of earlier ads.

[via C/NET]