French carrier Orange’s CEO hints that 3rd-party apps could get access to iPhone’s NFC chip

Apple Pay - Wells Fargo

Like many smartphones out there in the wild, the iPhone 6/6s series features near field communication (NFC). Unlike most of those phones, access to that chip is only available to Apple on the newer iPhones.

But that could be changing. As revealed in an interview with, France-based carrier Orange’s CEO, Stephanie Richard, Apple “is “ready to integrate” the carrier’s mobile payment option, Orange Cash, with the iPhone. Right now, that’s simply not possible, because Apple has blocked off access to the NFC chip from third-party apps and/or services, which makes accessing other mobile payment options impossible.

However, if Orange is gearing up to launch Orange Cash on the iPhone, then it means Apple has changed its mind in this regard, and is ready to start letting third-parties access the chip. This would mean that Orange Cash customers, which covers 100,000 users in France, could now use an iPhone to pay for things. But, even beyond that, it would mean that other options from other services could be used, too. So if Apple Pay isn’t available where you are, another option might make it possible to use your phone to buy something.

Rumors regarding this type of scenario have cropped up from time-to-time, with nothing to show for it, but if a CEO of a major wireless carrier is talking about it, it might be safe to start getting excited about the possibility.

Which mobile payment option would you like to see available on the iPhone in the future?

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