The ‘SE’ in iPhone SE Stands for ‘Special Edition’


iPhone SE hands-on TechRadar

So, like me are you wondering what the ‘SE’ in iPhone SE stands for? Second Edition, perhaps? After all the handset is the successor to the iPhone 5s. I had hoped that Apple would clear the mystery surrounding the full form of the iPhone SE at its ‘Let us loop you in’ event yesterday, but that did not happen.

Thankfully, Phil Schiller did reveal to one of the reporters at the event that the ‘SE’ in iPhone SE stands for “Special Edition.”

Considering that the iPhone SE has been launched by Apple for all 4-inch smartphone lovers out there, I’d say the ‘Special Edition’ tag is pretty appropriate. After all, the general consumer taste is shifting to phones with 5.5-inch or bigger smartphones, so Apple did make an exception by launching a new 4-inch iPhone that packs the same internals as the iPhone 6s to cater to a relatively niche market, which in my opinion makes the handset pretty special.

What did you think the ‘SE’ in iPhone SE stood for? Drop in a comment and let us know!

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