When will Apple release iOS 9.3?

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Apple released the first beta version of iOS 9.3 on January 12th. Since then it has released six more beta versions, with iOS 9.3 beta 7 arriving yesterday.

One of the primary new features is Night Shift mode, which also includes a toggle within Control Center. Night Shift makes use of the iOS device’s clock and geolocation to automatically shift the colors in the display to warmer end of the spectrum to reduce exposure to bright blue light in the event, to make it easier on your eyes.

iOS 9.3 also includes the ability to password and Touch ID protect Notes, revamped News app, new 3D Touch Quick Actions for stock apps like Weather, Settings, Compass, Health, App Store, and iTunes Store, ability to duplicate the Live Photo as a still image, improvements to the Health app, Apple Music support in CarPlay and new Classroom app, which includes the ability to manage multiple Apple ID logins for iOS devices, allowing multiple students to utilize the same device with individualized profiles. iOS 9.3 also brings Wi-Fi Calling support to Verizon Wireless subscribers.

Apple has released an insane number of betas for iOS 9.3, which is not such a major update. Apple has made some minor changes to the Night Shift mode since the first beta especially how users can enable or disable it from Control Center. To get some perspective, Apple released six beta versions for iOS 9, which was a significant software update with more than 100 new features and improvements.

iOS 9.3 Release Date

One of the frequently asked questions is when will Apple stop releasing betas, and release iOS 9.3 to the public. The good news is that based on Apple’s track record, it is likely to release iOS 9.3 on March 21, immediately after the ‘Let us loop you in’ event. We expect Apple to showcase iOS 9.3’s new features and improvements at the event. Apple should also release tvOS 9.2, watchOS 2.2 and OS X 10.11.4 that are also currently in beta.

Are you eagerly waiting for iOS 9.3?

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