Apple Hires Tesla’s Former VP of Vehicle Engineering Chris Porritt for a ‘Special Project’

image Apple Car concept4

Apple has hired former Tesla Vice President of Vehicle Engineering and former Chief Engineer at Aston Martin, Chris Porritt, to work on “special projects.” Until and unless you have been living under a rock, you should know that this special project is nothing but Apple’s Titan Car project. No wonder his title at the company is a very vague “Special Projects Group PD Administrator”.

With Steve Zadesky, the previous executive believed to be heading Apple’s Car initiative leaving the company, it is likely that Chris Porritt will now be taking over that role looking at his past experience and role in previous companies.

Porritt had played a key role in some of the most iconic vehicles to ever come out Aston Martin’s stable, including the V12 Zagato and Aston Martin DB9. Over at Tesla, he worked on the Model S and Model X, along with the chassis of the Model 3.

Electrek says that Porritt did not immediately make the jump from Tesla to Apple. Instead, after quitting Tesla, Porritt took a few months off before he joined Apple. The report claims that some senior Apple engineers like Albert Golko, Product Development Engineering Direction; and Emery Sanford will now be directly reporting to Porritt.

Tesla’s CEO Elon Musk had last year taken a jab at Apple by calling it the ‘Tesla Graveyard’ since the company kept hiring engineers that were fired or left Tesla. Later in the year, Elon had also said that the Apple Car is an “open secret” that everyone knows about, but no one wants to talk about.

Tesla’s most important vehicle in years, the Model 3, went for pre-orders earlier this month, with the $35,000 car receiving over 150,000 pre-orders within a few hours of its pre-orders going live.

Dubbed Project Titan, not much is known about Apple’s first car, except that the company has an internal target ship date of 2018. A report from yesterday did claim that Apple has a secret automotive lab in Germany where some top-class engineers are working on the company’s first car.

[Via Electrek]