Apple Lays off Contract Recruiters as It Slows Recruiting Efforts

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VentureBeat reports that Apple has drastically reduced its recruiting efforts that has seen the Cupertino company ending its contract with all recruiters. It has also laid off some of the full-time recruiters that were directly hired to work for it.

The VentureBeat source says that the “recruiting engine inside Apple has slowed down and the company is reevaluating its activities in that area.” He further says that recruitment efforts of a company only makes sense when they have something new and exciting to launch. Overall, this move from Apple will affect the jobs of more than 100 people.

Beside dropping recruiters, Apple has also reduced the bonus structure for existing recruiters. Previously, the company used to give recruiters 40 percent of the base salary of a new employee, but that has now been dropped to 10-15 percent. It is also possible that Apple will remove the bonus entirely after sometime.

The only project that Apple has been hiring aggressively for in the past few months, is its Apple Car project. The company has hired some known executives from companies like Ford, Mercedes and Tesla to bolster the development of its first car.

With iPhone sales slowing down, it does not make sense for Apple to continue with its recruitment efforts in full swing. Sure, the company does sell other products like the iPad and Macs, but they get drastic updates once in a few years, unlike the iPhone, which gets a major update almost every other year.

[Via VentureBeat]

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