Apple Music now has 13 million paying subscribers, adding 2M since February


Apple today confirmed that company’s music streaming service, Apple Music, is growing rapidly, adding new subscribers by the millions. This news is a ray of light in a quarterly earnings report that is marred by the company’s first reported revenue decline since 2003.

After reporting 11 million paying subscribers in February 2016, Apple today now announced that it had added 2 million subscribers in the past 2 months. The service now has 13 million paying subscribers, boosting the revenue that the company generates from its services division. Though growing Apple Music still trails its chief competitor and market leader, Spotify, which has about 30 million subscribers.

Apple has been heavily promoting its Apple Music service, using both exclusive music deals and celebrity advertising to attract people away from competitors like Spotify. Apple is thought to be working to expand these exclusive deals to TV show and movies in a move that’ll benefit both Appe Music and the company’s overall Internet Service’s business.