Coach Reportedly Launching Designer Apple Watch Bands

Coach Apple Watch bands

The Apple Watch already has a lineup of designer bands for Apple’s most personal device to date, but the lineup could be expanding yet again.

According to a report published initially by David Boglin De Bautista, a sales associate in a Coach boutique told him that, in the very near future, the high-profile designer is set to launch a lineup of Apple Watch bands as early as this June. To solidify the claim, the sales associate sent over photos of the upcoming bands, and said that they will be priced starting at $150.

According to the initial report, the photos apparently lineup with previous Coach products and design decisions. That includes colors that match with Coach’s upcoming Spring bag lineup, and custom stitching patterns.

The report also indicates that there were eight watch bands that were seen, and colors ranged from white, black, brown, and red. Apparently flower charms were attached to the bands, too.

As for the details regrading the upcoming Coach bands, it’s unknown what level of a partnership there is between Apple and the designer brand. Considering the high-profile nature of Coach in the fashion industry, it would seem likely that some kind of partnership is present, but whether or not Coach is designing the bands on their own, or with Apple’s direct help, remains to be seen.

The arrival of Coach straps for the Apple Watch would probably be a welcomed one, for a variety of reasons. Namely, pricing. If each of these straps cost $150, that would be a sharp contrast to the $1,100 starting price tag from the Hermés lineup.

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