Israeli Firm That Cracked Open San Bernardino Shooter’s iPhone 5c Optimistic of Cracking Another iPhone 6

Touch ID on iPhone

Despite FBI Director suggesting that the method used by Israeli firm Cellebrite to unlock Farook’s iPhone 5c will not work on other iPhones, a report from CNN suggests otherwise. The publication reports that Cellebrite is helping Italian architect Leonardo Febbretti in recovering photos of his son from his locked iPhone 6.

The architect had earlier requested Apple for help, and the company did try helping the architect, including trying to retrieve the data from iCloud to no avail.

Now, Leonardo tells CNN that analysts at Cellebrite are optimistic they will be able to recover photos of his son — who died due to bone cancer — from the iPhone 6. They have already managed to successfully download directories from the iPhone, but they will need to do some more work to access the files.

Cellebrite came to know about Leonardo’s trouble, contacted him and offered to crack open the iPhone 6 of his son for free. If the company ends up succeeding in unlocking Dama’s iPhone and retrieving all his photos, it could end up as a serious chink in the iPhone’s security, which has been considered impenetrable till now.

Apple had told the FBI that it could not unlock the iPhone 5c of Syed Farook, one of the shooter involved in the San Bernardino shooting, and it was eventually Cellebrite that helped the FBI in unlocking the shooter’s iPhone 5c.

[Via CNN Money]