Microsoft’s Word Flow Keyboard for iPhone Now Available to All in U.S.

Microsoft Word Flow keyboard iPhone screenshots

Microsoft’s new Word Flow keyboard for iPhone, which first appeared in beta back in January, is now available to all in the United States. The free download boasts features like one-handed Arc mode, custom backgrounds, and “blazing fast”┬átyping with taps and swipes.

The Word Flow keyboard boasts a lot of features that you’ll find in other popular keyboards, like next-word prediction, swipe typing, and contacts syncing. But there are a couple of things that really set it apart — and make it well worth a download.

One of those is Arc mode, which makes it easier to type with one hand, and is particularly useful on the larger iPhone 6s Plus. When activated, it places the keyboard in an arc shape — as seen in the screenshots above — so you can reach all keys with just your thumb.

Another unique feature is the ability to choose your own custom keyboard background. Word Flow comes with a number of default background images, but you can also choose a photo of your own from your Photos library.

Word Flow currently supports U.S. English only — which is why it’s only available in the U.S. for now — but other languages should be supported soon. You can download the app by following the link below.

Download link:

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