Opera’s Latest Mac Browser Has Free and Unlimited VPN Built-In

Opera VPN

Opera’s free web browser for Mac now comes with a built-in VPN feature that allows users to shield their actual IP address while browsing the web. The best part about it is it’s free to use, no account is necessary, and it’s totally unlimited.

A VPN can be used to mask your real IP address online, allowing you to bypass firewalls, block tracking cookies, and more. It can also mask your real location, allowing you to get around geo-restricted content that’s only available in certain countries.

According to Global Web Index, more than half a billion people have tried or use a VPN service, and do so for better access to entertainment, browser anonymity, and to access sites that are restricted by their employer or country.

Normally, you have to pay for a VPN service — particularly if you want unlimited access — and they have to be installed separately on your Mac. But with the latest Opera release, the VPN is free, and it comes pre-installed with the browser.

The move comes after Opera acquired U.S. VPN company SurfEasy just over a year ago, and it makes Opera the first major browser to ship with a VPN. User have the option to choose between virtual locations in the U.S., Canada, and Germany for now, but more are coming.

You can download Opera 38 for your Mac now. To setup the VPN, simply head into the Preferences many and toggle the VPN switch.

[via MacRumors]