Samsung to Supply Apple with 5.5-Inch OLED Panels Beginning 2017

iPhone 8 with curved AMOLED display

A report from The Korea Herald indicates that Samsung’s Display arm will start supplying Apple with OLED display panels from 2017. The Cupertino company has awarded Samsung with a $2.59 billion deal, with the latter supplying the Cupertino company with 100 million 5.5-inch OLED panels yearly.

The agreement is expected to last for at least 3 years between the two companies. Both companies declined to comment on this matter.

A report from earlier this year did suggest that Samsung was very close to signing a deal with Apple on supplying it with its OLED panels. Numerous reports point towards Apple switching to an OLED display panel on the iPhone due to be unveiled in 2017. Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo claimed in one of his notes that the iPhone 7s that Apple will unveil in 2017 will feature a major design overhaul and come with a larger 5.8-inch OLED display, though today’s report points that Samsung will only be supplying Apple with 5.5-inch OLED panels.

When initially released, OLED panels were power hungry and inaccurate, but they offered significantly better contrast level and viewing angles than LCD panels. Over the last couple of years though, OLED panels have greatly improved and surpassed even the best of the LCD panels available in the market out there in terms of power efficiency, accuracy, and brightness. The OLED panels used by Samsung on its flagship Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge flagship this year has been ranked by Display Mate as the best mobile display on a smartphone ever.

It remains unclear as of now if Apple will also be looking at other suppliers for OLED panels to diversify its supply chain. The Cupertino company was reportedly in talks with JDI and LG Display about this, with the company’s closest vendor, Foxconn, reportedly buying Sharp just to be able to supply OLED panels to Apple.

[Via Korea Herald]