2017 iPhone Could Feature Edge-to-Edge Display with Embedded Front-Facing Camera, Touch ID Sensor

The Perfect iPhone 7

The year is 2016 and Apple plans on launching new iPhones this year, probably the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. But there are a lot of eyes set on 2017 and what’s coming that year.

And now that includes John Gruber, who, during his most recent podcast The Talk Show, dropped some interesting hints about what Apple could be working on with the 2017 iPhone. Gruber says he’s heard “scuttlebutt” about next year’s iPhone, and that it could feature an “all-new form factor.”

What that will look like appears to be an edge-to-edge display, but, even more than that, the whole front of the device will apparently be the screen. Apple is apparently working on getting rid of the “forehead and chin” of the device launched in 2017, so that the “entire face will be the display.” Going on, Gruber says the Touch ID sensor and the front-facing camera will be “embedded in the display.” That would also mean the speakers and sensors would be behind the display as well.

Gruber says that there are some questions, though, regarding sizing. He says that he’s unsure if Apple will “shrink the actual thing” to fit the screen sizes we already use in our hands, or whether they’re going to “grow the screens” to fit the devices we’re already using.

This is becoming a constant rumor at this point. While the iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus are starting to see some more attention in their own right, the major focus for a lot of reports have been on what’s coming in 2017. Some analysts believe the handset will indeed boast an all-new form factor, so much so that Apple could name the device the iPhone 8.

Moreover, that display is said to be an AMOLED panel, the handset is said to feature “no Home button,” and that it could boast some form of wireless charging. Rumors that Apple will launch an OLED-equipped iPhone have been buzzing for quite some time, and 2017 has been pegged as the year where it will supposedly happen.

There was a leak recently that reportedly showed an edge-to-edge display on an iPhone 7, but that was pretty quickly shot down, and wouldn’t seem to line up with what Gruber has heard as that leak showed an iPhone with the same “forehead and chin” design.

[via Daring Fireball]