Alleged iPhone 7 Component Suggests 3.5mm Headphone Jack Will Return

Alleged iPhone 7 headphone jack

Recent rumors have claimed Apple is gearing up to ditch the 3.5mm headphone jack from its iPhone lineup. While that’s probably going to happen some day, it might not happen with this year’s iPhone 7, according to a new leak.

It’s thought Apple wants to take this step to make future iPhone’s even thinner. The age-old headphone jack is pretty chunky today, and it’s not exactly an essential, given that you can now buy headphones that use Lightning or connect wirelessly over Bluetooth.

Although ditching it would make a lot of iPhone fans unhappy, then, you can certainly see why Apple might think it’s time to take this step — especially if it leads to a slimmer iPhone. But you might not have to worry about losing the headphone jack this year.

The purported iPhone 7 component pictured above appears to confirm that the device will indeed carry a headphone jack on its bottom edge just like its predecessors. The jack can be seen at the very top of the image, while the central piece is the Lightning port.

Before you read too much into this, it should be noted that we cannot confirm this is indeed an iPhone 7 component. It certainly looks like an iPhone component — we’ve seen similar in previous iPhones — we can’t be sure it’s for the iPhone 7, and not a previous model.

Almost all of the rumors we’ve seen so far say Apple will drop the jack this year, so it might be a good idea to prepare for that anyway. And if it doesn’t happen, at least you won’t have to replace all your headphones just yet.

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