Developers Reporting App Store Review Times Are Now down to around 24 Hours

App Store Apps

One of the biggest gripes that most iOS and OS X app developers have had with the App Store is the slow app review time from Apple. Until last year, the App Store review team over at Apple took on an average more than 4 days to approve or reject an app.

Long app approval and review times can get frustrating, especially if Apple rejects your app the first time for some reason and you have to submit it again for a review. This could lead developers to wait for almost a week for Apple to review their app before they can push it live on the App Store.

However, it looks like after numerous complains from developers, Apple has finally beefed up its App Store review team. Since the beginning of this month, iOS and OS X app developers are noticing their app updates or new app submissions being approved by Apple in less than a day. Considering that at the beginning of this year, the team took around 4 days to review an app, this is unusually fast. This is not a one-off incident, since multiple app developers from various parts of the world have been praising the App Store review team for this welcome change.

It looks like Apple has beefed up its App Store team greatly that has led to this positive change. It is also likely that Apple is making these changes as a part of a bigger unveil for the Mac and iOS App Store that it will announce at WWDC next month. What do you think?