Fibonic Bluetooth Headphones Review and 50% Discount for Readers

Fibonic Speaker and Headphones

I’m constantly listening to music. On a typical day, I’ve got music either playing from my computer while I work or in my headphones when I leave the house. That usually means stock listening equipment, like my computer or Apple’s stock EarPods, but I recently decided to shake things up a bit.

And when the opportunity came across my desk to check out a Bluetooth speaker and Bluetooth headset from Fibonic, I took it. Fibonic has a few different products available on Amazon right now, but for my focus on music I just wanted to try out the speaker and headphones, to see if they could shift me away from my regular routine. Not that there’s anything wrong with the way that I’ve been doing things, I was just ready for some change.

So, let’s get right into it:

Fibonic Bluetooth Headphones

Fibonic headphones

I started things off with the Bluetooth headset. As is typical with anything that runs on batteries, I had to charge the headphones right after taking them out of the box. I have no way of telling how much battery life remained before I got my hands on them, but they charged relatively quickly. There’s a charging light, too, so you’ll know when you’ve topped off. The one negative here is that the headset comes with a ridiculously short USB cable for charging. Not a deal breaker by any means, but at least something to be aware of.

While the headset was charging, I went through the box. There’s not a lot inside, with just two USB cables and a 3.5mm audio cable as well.

When it finished, I had to pair the headset to my phone, which wasn’t an issue at all. It paired quickly, and the connection lasted the entire time I used it. I’ve had Bluetooth headsets in the past disconnect at random, and that type of experience will typically dissuade me from going back altogether. There are some hardware buttons on the unit itself: Power/Play/Pause, Previous, Forward, and a dedicated button for answering calls. The buttons are pretty flimsy, though, and you’ll be able to hear them move when you press one while hearing the headset. They respond quickly to activation, though, so I was never hitting one button multiple times trying to skip a song or pause playback.

The headset is an on-the-ear design, so the cup size for the speakers are relatively small. They have a foldable design for easy transport, but in the few times that I folded them up, or unfolded them, I couldn’t help but feel like I might snap one of the parts off. That didn’t happen, thankfully, but the more I used them the worry was always there.

Fibonic headphones buttons

Actually wearing them, they’re comfortable enough. The cups can be shifted to better fit your head/ears, but when they settle they’re comfortable enough. In my few instances wearing them outside, walking around, running errands, I didn’t find myself complaining about their size or comfortability. They fit well enough, and while they might not be the most comfortable pair of on-the-ear headphones I’ve ever worn, they are certainly not the most uncomfortable.

Fibonic headphones logo

I used the headphones for several hours, and the battery didn’t die, so I can say that they lasted me a full day of typical use. The audio quality is good enough. The sound isn’t tinny, the bass is strong, and the overall quality isn’t watered down. These aren’t high-end headphones, so the sound can’t match units with much higher price tags, but for what the headset is priced at, the sound is easily better than I expected.

All-in-all, while the headphones left a bit to be desired in the overall design and durability, they’re pretty solid with good sound quality. The headphones come in three colors: Black, Silver, and Red, and each is priced at $39.99. Fibonic is offering a 50% discount exclusively to iPhoneHacks readers. Visit Fibonic’s website to get your discount code now.

Disclaimer: iPhoneHacks is affiliated to Fibonic.

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