Apple Confirms Potential Bug in iTunes Deleting Music Libraries, ‘Potential Patch’ on the Way

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In an interesting turn of events, all of the heat that Apple Music has been receiving lately might actually have a more familiar bothersome source.

Early reports that Apple Music has been permanently, and completely unexpectedly, deleting users’ locally-owned music libraries may not be Apple Music’s fault. As it was reported just yesterday, a bug discovered within iTunes may be the issue causing those local music libraries to be deleted, with plenty of Apple Support community threads complaining about the issue.

Unfortunately, while Apple hasn’t been able to duplicate the issue, they are going to go ahead and release a “safeguard patch” anyway, as the company confirmed to iMore on Friday.

“In an extremely small number of cases users have reported that music files saved on their computer were removed without their permission. We’re taking these reports seriously as we know how important music is to our customers and our teams are focused on identifying the cause. We have not been able to reproduce this issue, however, we’re releasing an update to iTunes early next week which includes additional safeguards. If a user experiences this issue they should contact AppleCare.”

Recently, Apple Music came under fire as separate reports surfaced outlining that Apple Music subscribers had been hit with huge music libraries being deleted unexpectedly. Many chalked it up to a mismanagement of features between Apple Music and iCloud Music Match, which has a tendency to replace songs, previously owned, with tracks matched with Apple’s cloud service. While this has raised its own issues for Apple Music subscribers with an extensive collection of owned music, that doesn’t appear to be the direct issue in this particular instance.

The issue here is that Apple hasn’t been able to replicate the issue, which means that, even as Apple prepares a blanket fix, it’s still listed as a “potential bug.” But at least a “potential fix” is on the way, and Apple’s doing something about an issue that’s obviously a complaint of many users.

[via iMore]

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