Spotify will Launch 12 Original Shows in 2016 Focused on Pop Culture and Music


Back in May of last year, Spotify announced support for video clips from a variety of different content providers, including Comedy Central, VICE News, and more.

It took several months before that content started rolling to the public, but now that it’s been available for a few months, Spotify is apparently focuses on expanding its original video content in a big way. According to a report from Bloomberg, the music streaming service has plans to launch 12 new original shows in 2016.

The company didn’t give a specific launch date, but did confirm that the 12 shows will rollout before the year comes to an end, and that the content will focus on pop culture and music in general, with three general themes — “music performances, music profiles and music culture” — as the main draw for potential viewers. Each episode will reportedly last around 15 minutes.

Two shows already have titles, including Rush Hour which will see two artists forced to collaborate on a playlist of songs, all in a set period of time, that they will then have to perform live. Another show will be called Landmark, and will focus on historical events in the music industry.

Tim Robbins has also been tapped to produce a show that’s billed as a “mockumentary series about a competition to become the next dance music phenom.”

All of that is just the beginning, though, as Spotify’s chief of content partnerships, Tom Calderone, has said that the second phase of content is already being planned as well. Once the second phase eventually rolls around, Spotify subscribers should expect to see both animated and comedic series, which Calderone says is meant to be tailored for the streaming service’s younger audience.

Interestingly enough, the video content is apparently going to be free to watch for both paid subscribers and free listeners as well. It will be available in the United States, the United Kingdom, Sweden, and Germany.

Original content is king these days, so much so that even Apple is getting in on it as well. The Cupertino-based company has an original show starring Dr. Dre arriving soon, entitled Vital Signs. The company is also launching a documentary series along with VICE News called The Score, which will cover local music scenes.

[via Bloomberg]