Tim Cook Discusses India, retail stores, Apple Pay Plans, and More in Interview

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Tim Cook visited India earlier this week. While there the Chief Executive officer, Tim Cook, had plans to meet with Prime Minister Narendra Modi, but that certainly was not the only thing on his agenda.

Apple has its sights set on India in a big way, with the company planning on building at least three new physical retail stores, and officially announced an iOS app design and development accelerator in Bengaluru. While on the visit, Cook also took some time to sit down in an interview with NDTV, and the CEO spoke about Apple Pay, retail stores, and much more.

That kicked off with plans for a rollout of Apple Pay in the country at some point in the future. Cook said that the company has already begun conversations with banks in the region, and that Apple wants to bring the mobile payment option to India.

“In terms of Apple Pay, we’re looking at what to do there. We want to bring Apple Pay to India. We met with some of the banks to understand there perspective on mobile payments… I’ve very encouraged with what I’ve heard… we want to bring every service that we do to India…”

And while Cook wasn’t completely open and forthcoming when it comes to the company’s plans for a retail initiative in India, he did confirm that Apple is exploring options, and that the company is working on expanding its reach in multiple ways:

“We’re taking a step back on India and taking a look at India holistically… for us that means getting the developer community moving on iOS. We’ve announced an accelerator which will help do that… We’re also looking at India from a number of other points of view like Apple Retail… we see a future for Apple retail in India.”

One additional detail that was brought up in the interview was “certified pre-owned” devices. It’s not a secret that government officials in India initially rejected Apple’s bid to sell pre-owned devices in the country. Cook pointed out that Apple still wants to see that reality come to fruition:

“It’s certified pre-owned… it’s like a new phone because it has a warranty for a new phone.. yes we would like to do that here.. we do in the US, we do it in Japan, we do it in many different countries around the world.”

The whole interview its just under 20 minutes, and you can watch it in the embedded video below.

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