Tim Cook Talks About Health, the Apple Watch, and More at Startup Fest Europe

image Tim Cook Apple Watch

Tim Cook is no stranger to visiting all sorts of regions outside of the Apple headquarters in Cupertino, California.

Apple’s CEO took some time to speak at Startup Fest Europe, a festival that’s designed to help startups get some footing and grow. While Cook wasn’t completely forthcoming about any major plans the company has in store, he did open up on a variety of different topics, including health, the Apple Watch, Apple TV, and how he believes Apple plays a key role in those markets.

When discussing health specifically, Cook says there’s “something that’s magical” in the idea that the health industry is a place where hardware, software, and services can truly come together. He went on to add that there’s plenty of growth to be had in the health market.

“The things that interest us the most are things where we can bring our ability to integrate hardware, software, and services into something that’s magical and enriches people in some way. If you look at some of the things we’re doing that do not drive revenue but they have massive interest in them from our teams – health is very much one of those. […]

The net of that is we believe that health is something that is a huge problem in the world, a huge issue, and we think it is ripe for simplicity and sort of a new view and we’d like to contribute to that. So that’s an area where we’re very focused.”

As for the Apple Watch, it’s all about what the wearable can do while it’s strapped to an owner’s wrist. The device’s tracking capabilities are already great, but Cook knows there’s room for improvements, and the “holy grail” for the device is the ability to monitor more of the things happening inside the owner’s body.

“For those of you that own a car. You get in your car, you crank it up, you drive for a while. If it gets a little too hot a light comes on and says you know pull over or check out. If you need an oil change, it comes on and says check the oil. It has all of these things in it that alert you that you need to do something. What is the equivalent for the body?

Well, it’s our minds, but our minds unfortunately convince all of us all too often not to seek help. And many times, we don’t even know. There’s no symptom. So if you could have a device that knew so much about you, it would be pretty incredible and would extend life and extend quality. I’m not saying one device will do all of that, but when you solve such a big problem it takes several contributions. That’s the way I feel here.”

It was at this year’s Startup Fest Europe that Cook also confirmed that Apple does not have any plans to become its own wireless carrier, or even an MVNO. Cook said that Apple doesn’t have the expertise to get something like that off the ground, and while it’s reasonable to think that Apple could get that expertise, or could have been working on it behind-the-scenes, for the moment it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen.

You can check out Cook at Startup Fest Europe in the video below.


[via MacRumors]