Apple’s and the World Wildlife Fund’s ‘Apps for Earth’ Raise $8 Million



Back in April of this year, Apple and the World Wildlife Fund launched a major initiative that saw apps used as a means to raise money for conservation.

Now, Apple and the WWF have officially announced that the initiative raised more than $8 million in total proceeds to support the latter’s conservation initiatives. The results were officially announced this week, during Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference. The official announcement outlines that over 10 days, Apple and the WWF worked with 24 developers to make it possible for iOS users to support the efforts through in-app purchases from Hearthstone, Angry Birds 2, and many others.

During the ten-day campaign in April, Apple, WWF and 24 developers worked together to help the planet, one app at a time.

Through interactive and educational content created exclusively for Apps for Earth, the campaign gave participants an opportunity to actively engage in conservation and contribute to WWF’s mission.

100% of the proceeds from participating apps and In-App Purchases go to support WWF’s conservation work.”

Apple and the WWF have a long-standing partnership in place, which was launched last year to initially help conserve a million acres of responsibly managed forest in China.

[via Apple]

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