Apple’s Influence Leads to Removal of Rifle Emoji from Unicode 9.0

Laughing Emoji

Thanks to Apple, we are not going to get a rifle emoji anytime soon. Unicode, the organisation responsible behind adding and managing emojis was considering adding a rifle emoji, but thanks to Apple decided against it. Apple is one of the largest member of the Unicode and has considerable influence in the organisation.

BuzzFeed sources reveal that the rifle emoji was already sent for encoding process so as to prepare for the Unicode 9.0 release this June. However, Apple started the discussion of removing the emoji and said that it would not support the emoji on its platforms. Microsoft was also against the rifle emoji being a part of Unicode 9.0.

Some of the proposed emojis for rifle

Unicode President Mark Davis confirmed the move but, in keeping with the cryptic organization, refused to elaborate on the reasons why. “The committee decided not to mark them as Emoji, but to add them as characters (that is, normal black & white symbols),” he wrote in an email to BuzzFeed News.

A “modern pentathlon” emoji that depicted a man firing a pistol will also not be a part of the final Unicode 9.0 release.

While many may consider this move far fetched, emojis have become the expression that most children nowadays communicate in. Therefore, adding the rifle symbol — even though it was originally intended to be added to coincide with Rio olympics — might lead to some implications in the long run.

“I think what we’re seeing here with the rifle, is these big vendors and tech companies truly realizing what a big deal these emojis are,” the Unicode member said.

[Via BuzzFeed]