How To Download iOS 10 Beta on iPhone and iPad

iOS 10

iOS 10 is here. Finally. If you didn’t watch WWDC, read our live blog here. If you’re not sure what exactly is in iOS 10, check out our coverage here.

Now, if you’re brave, you might want to install the beta on your device to test it out. Just make sure it’s not your daily driver, because a lot of things won’t work reliably.

If you understand the risks and have backed up all the important stuff like photos and contacts, read on below to see how to install iOS 10 beta on your device.

1. Do You Have A Developer Account?

Note: If you’re using this method, you should know that a lot of users are facing Error 14 issues when directly updating to iOS 10. So if you do use this method, only restore to iOS 10 beta. Don’t update it directly. Also, a much better way will be to download Xcode 8 and do a clean install using that. But if you’r not willing to do that, skip to Option 2 after getting your device’s UDID added in the developer account.

Right after the WWDC Keynote, the best (and the only) way to install an iOS beta on your iPhone or iPad is using a developer account.

You’ll either need to personally have developer account, or you’ll need to be a part of an organization with a developer account.

But if you’re a normal person, here’s a top tip. Find a friend who does have a developer account (having developer friends comes in really handy during WWDC) and ask them to add you to their developer account (using the Apple ID you currently use).

You’ll get an email invite, accept it and login using your Apple ID at Apple’s Developer website.

Find Out Your Device’s UDID Using iTunes

You’ll need to add the iOS device’s UDID to the developer account.

To find it, connect your iOS device to your Mac open iTunes.

ios beta developer account 4

From the “Summary” view, keep click on the device ID till you find the UDID code. Right click and “copy” it.

Add The Device UDID To Your Developer Account

Depending on the way the account is setup, you may or may not be able to add a new device. If you can, follow the steps below. Or ask the admin of the account to add the UDID for you.

ios beta developer account 1

Open Apple’s developer console and from the sidebar, tap on “Certificates, IDs and Profiles”.

From the sidebar, under “Devices”, select the device in question – iPhone or iPad.

ios beta developer account 1

Click the “+” button on the top and add the UDID.

Download the Beta

Now that the UDID is added, it’s time to download the actual IPSW file that you can install using iTunes.

ios beta developer account 4 ios beta developer account 3

Go to the Downloads section of the Developer Account using this link From here, find you device and click “Download”. The IPSW file will start downloading.

Installing the Beta on Your Device

You’ll need to use iTunes to install the beta.

Connect your device to iTunes (make sure you have the latest version installed), and go to the “Summary” tab. First, make sure the device is backed up.

Then, hold the Option key on your Mac (Shift on Windows) and click the “Update” button.

From the file picker, select the IPSW file you just downloaded and authenticate.

The beta will begin install on your iOS device.

Just remember that this will set up your device as brand new. You won’t have any of the stuff on it unless you restore from a backup later.

2. Download Using Configuration Profiles Directly on Your iOS Device

For a newbie, this is probabaly the best way to download the beta software on your device. Once you’ve added the UDID on your developer account, go to the developer account Downloads page –

Now, find the device you’re looking for. Next to the “Configuration Profile” text, tap the “Download” button.

This will download an iOS 10 profile.

Now go to “Settings” -> “General” -> ” Sofware Update”.

You should see an iOS 1o Beta update there as long as you’re connected to Wi-Fi. Plug in your device to power and download and instal the update.

2. Download the Public Beta

Just like iOS 9, Apple will release a public beta for iOS 10. We just don’t know when yet. We’ll of course let you know the minute we find out.

3. Using Third Party Sites

Just as always, sites will popup that will let you download the install files for free or for a price. Or give you access to a part of the developer account.

But we’ll just ask you to stay away from them.

Let us know how it goes in the comments.