iPhone 7 Plus Dual Camera Module to Be Exclusively Supplied by LG Innotek

iPhone 7 Plus live leak photo

An “industry source” of Business Korea says that LG Innotek will be exclusively supplying the dual camera module that Apple will be using on the iPhone 7 Plus. The company is preparing to ship the dual camera module Apple from this month.

LG Innotek’s exclusivity is likely going to be short lived though, as the report claims that there can be other vendors next year.

Sony has been a long time camera sensor supplier to Apple, and it was believed that the Japanese company will be the one supplying Apple with its dual camera module for the iPhone 7 Plus. However, the company has forecasted to opt out of the high-end camera module business, and will instead only focus on camera modules targeted towards smartphones.

Apple has been diversifying its supply-chain business for the iPhone with multiple vendors to avoid any disruptions, so it is surprising to see the company rely solely on LG Innotek for the dual camera module that will be used in the iPhone 7 Plus. As of now, it remains unclear how the dual camera module on the iPhone 7 Plus will help in improving image quality on the handset. While there are quite a few Android smartphones in the market that make use of a dual camera sensor at their rear, they don’t offer any major improvements in the image quality department.

Apple is expected to use a dual camera module on the iPhone 7 Plus, while the smaller iPhone 7 is going to stick to a traditional single camera module setup.

[Via Business Korea]