Apple Announces tvOs 10 with Live Tune-in, Single Sign-on, and More

Sling Apple TV app

Apple has been steadily updating its tvOS platform, which can be found on the fourth-generation Apple TV, ever since its debut.

Now, at this year’s Worldwide Developers Conference, the Cupertino-based company has just unveiled a brand new version for the platform, which will see the introduction of a series of new features and improvements. tvOS 9.3 will boast new updates for Siri, as well as bring some other new additions that should make 4th-Gen Apple TV owners happy.

On stage, Apple’s Eddy Cue ran through accolades for tvOS. Including that there are over 1,300 video channels on the new platform. That’s up from 80. There are over 6,000 natives apps in seven months. That includes Sling, which is coming to Apple TV 4 beginning June 13. Fox Sports Go, four sports games on one TV, will arrive this summer. Molotov in France is arriving on iOS and Apple TV arrives in July.

NBA 2K, Minecraft: Story Mode are arriving on tvOS as well.

The Apple TV Remote App will boast a Now Playing screen with playback controls, and features all of the Siri Remote features. Including the ability to use Siri, a gyroscope to play games, and a touch area for navigation. Entering text with the keyboard will work as well.

Siri will be able to search movies by topics in tvOS. “Find high school movies from the 80s,” was the example Cue used, which brought up Ferris Bueller’s Day Off. Siri searches over 650,000 places of content. And Siri can search YouTube for content, too.

Live channels are getting a focus, too. “Live Tune-in” will let Siri launch a channel, like ESPN 2, live. It’ll be available on the iPad and Apple TV. “Single Sign-on” will free up the burden of signing into providers. Just sign into the Apple TV, with a page that will show where the network sign-ins are available, and you can sign into all of them.

There’s a new Dark Mode in tvOS as well.

Automatic downloads are a thing now, too. Meaning, when you install an app on your iPhone or iPad, the app for tvOS will be installed on the Apple TV as well. Support for four game controls.

The developer preview launches today, and the customer version launches this fall.