Twitter Introduces Searchable Stickers for Photos

Twitter for Mac app icon

Taking a cue out of Snapchat and Facebook, Twitter today introduced #Stickers on its platform. You will only be able to add new stickers to photos that you tweet though, and not use them in your tweets directly. 

Twitter has unveiled Stickers less than a week after it increased the video length on its platform to 140 seconds, and launched a new app called Engage for influencers and celebrities.

Using stickers, you will be able to customise photos that you are uploading to Twitter using emoji, accessories, props, and more to better express your mood and fun. You will be able to add multiple stickers anywhere you want in a photo, and resize and rotate them.

The stickers you end up using in the picture you upload will also act as a hashtag, and tapping on a sticker will open a new timeline showing all other pictures that have been uploaded featuring the same sticker.

Twitter is rolling out the ability to add stickers in photos for all its iOS and Android users over the next few weeks. The feature will only be available to users of the official Twitter client for their respective platforms.

While a welcome addition, Stickers are really not going to make using your Twitter experience better or lead to more fun conversations.