Twitterrific Adds a Tip Jar to Try and Keep Future Updates Free

Twitterrific Tip Jar

Twitterrific is one of the most popular Twitter apps for iOS, and Iconfactory, the development house behind the app, want to make sure all future updates are free.

Free has been a big deal for Twitterrific ever since the developers launched version 5.7 in March of 2014. With that update the app went free, but with ads in place. Users could spend money on an in-app purchase to get rid of those ads, and even add features, like push notifications.

That model is getting extended to something called a Tip Jar, which is rolling out into the software with the release of version 5.14.4. Iconfactory explained in an official blog post that the Tip Jar will make it possible for users to donate to the developers in order to keep all future updates free. Up to this point, Twitterrific has been updated over 40 times since its release. Iconfactory doesn’t want to stop development on version 5 of the app only to release a brand new app (version 6) that will cost money. The Tip Jar aims to avoid that future:

“The Tip Jar is our way of continuing to offer free and notable updates to Twitterrific while still (hopefully) paying for the cost of development. Since it’s launch in December of 2012, Twitterrific has been updated over 40 times – all for free. Rather than stopping development on Twitterrific version 5 and launching an all-new paid version 6, we’ve decided to include the Tip Jar in the hopes that users who enjoy and love the app will give generously so we can continue to provide updates.”

Donation levels start at $0.99 (Chickadee), and all the way up to $19.99 (Peacock). Iconfactory says that once someone donates, the little tip jar will disappear from the sidebar for 30 days, so apparently the ability to donate multiple times will indeed be in place.

The update to version 5.14.4 also includes an in-line search function, which will allow users to search for specific words or tweets. If users have an external keyboard connected, they’ll be able to use Command-F to access that search function as well.

The update is available now, and a link to download Twitterrific is available below.

What do you think of the Tip Jar idea?


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[via Iconfactory]