Comprehensive Dark Mode Discovered for System Apps in macOS Sierra

dark mode macOS

With the release of Yosemite in 2014, Apple added a Dark mode to the OS. The mode, however, felt half baked as it only changed the color scheme of the Dock and menubar to black, with other system apps being left out.

Now, it looks like with the upcoming macOS Sierra release, Apple is all set to include a more comprehensive Dark mode in the OS as some screenshots posted by a developer on Twitter suggests. It remains unclear how the developer managed to enable the mode on Sierra. From the screenshots though, the mode does seem to be a bit rough around the edges, so it remains unclear if it will be ready for a formal introduction when the final release of Sierra lands later this year.

A similar dark mode has also been found in iOS 10 beta so far, though it remains unclear if it will be ready by the time the final release of the OS is made available to the public in September. At WWDC this year, Apple only announced a Dark mode for tvOS, but it looks like the company is working on bringing this feature to iOS and macOS as well.

As things stand right now, the introduction of a Dark mode in iOS 10 and macOS Sierra are inevitable. Are you excited about a full-fledged Dark mode coming to macOS?

[Via @_inside]