Google Working on Its Own Set of Smartwatches

Android Wear with iPhone

Last week, there were reports that Google was working on its smartphone lineup to take on the iPhone. Now, earlier this week, Android Police reported that Google is working on its own pair of smartwatches running Android Wear codenamed “Angelfish” and “Swordfish.”

Both watches will sport a circular display, but one of them will be larger and feature mobile data and GPS connectivity. The latter will be smaller in size and only feature Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connectivity options. Angelfish is the larger of the two smartwatches and will feature three physical buttons on its right side. On the other hand, Swordfish will only feature one physical button on its right side that will look similar to the Digital Crown button on the Apple Watch.

While Google has paved the way for OEMs to follow with its Nexus lineup in the smartphone market, it has not released any Nexus-like Android Wear running smartwatch that OEMs could follow. Instead, for the launch of Android Wear, the company worked closely with Samsung and LG to release the Samsung Galaxy Gear and the LG G Watch. Since then, we have seen many OEMs release Android Wear running smartwatches with unique design aspects that make them stand out from the competition. To make sure it has utmost control over the platform, Google has restricted OEMs from customising the OS, like they can with Android on their smartphones.

Both smartwatches will also feature Google Assistant integration with contextual alerts. They will also come with new watch faces that will offer quicker access to notifications and other important information. It is a given that these smartwatches will be running Android Wear 2.0 that comes with performance improvements, a dedicated keyboard app, and more. The price point of the smartwatches remain unclear for now.

Apple is also expected to launch the Apple Watch 2 later this year. While the existing Apple Watch might not beat the likes of the Huawei Watch and Moto 360 in the looks department, it does offer better functionality than them.

[Via Android Police]